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Riding With Passion for a Purpose

Air Force veteran Scott Bell is cycling the perimeter of the United States in an effort to raise awareness for Ride2Recovery.


Email:  RideScottRide@gmail.com

Phone: 720-236-2316







Ride Timeline:  June 2015 through May 2016

Goal amount for Ride2Recovery:  $250,000.00


Air Force veteran Scott Bell has started his ride around the perimeter of the United States with the goal of raising awareness and support of the Ride 2 Recovery (R2R) program.  R2R is a ground breaking veterans program that was started in 2008 and utilizes cycling to save lives by restoring hope and purpose to healing vets.

“During my time in the Air Force and as a civilian contractor, I have been deployed overseas and in a variety of situations. I have been fortunate to have had safe deployments and have come home safe each time, but others have not been so lucky. While I personally do not have experience as a wounded veteran, I have seen the effects on others. The people at Ride 2 Recovery know the toll it can take on someone and I admire their work to support those wounded in service.”

Scott turned 50 in 2014.  As a fan of cycling for years, he “realized that life doesn’t have to end at 50. Now that I am retired from the Air Force and turning 50 myself, it is time for me to leave and realize my dream of riding across the U.S.” Choosing 2015 as a milestone year, he is finally working towards achieving his goal of not just riding across the country, but expanded his journey to include circling the entire perimeter.

Scott has sold most of his belongings and is making his ride without the aid of a support team.  He is cycling alone with a bike trailer that holds a tent and other essentials for his day-to-day travels. Most nights, he camps along the side of the road or at available campsites. When he gets lucky, he may get a room for the night. Along the way, he enjoys meeting people and talking about his ride.

This ride, however, is about more than his personal journey.  He wants to use his ride to help raise awareness of and funds for the R2R organization. My personal goal is to raise over $250,000.00 strictly for Ride 2 Recovery. If you believe in helping to heal America's Wounded Veterans as much as I do, please donate what you can. No amount is too small, but the more we help, the more we heal.”

Since Scott will be riding through your area soon, he is available to talk about his journey as well as the Ride 2 Recovery organization.

To follow Scott’s progress around the United States and also read about his adventures, please visit his website at www.RideScottRide.com


Scott’s intended route (starting in Portland, OR and commencing clockwise): 

About Ride 2 Recovery (www.Ride2Recovery.com)

Using planned bicycle rides, Ride 2 Recovery strives to improve the health and wellness of injured veterans by providing a life changing experience that can impact their lives forever.

Held in partnership with the Fitness Challenge Foundation, Ride 2 Recovery raises money to support Spinning® Recovery Labs and outdoor cycling programs at military and Veterans Affairs locations around the U.S. to help injured veterans overcome obstacles they face.

Cycling is an important part of the recovery and rehabilitation program for two reasons: (1) cycling is an activity that most patients with mental and physical disabilities can participate, and (2) participation in the R2R program increases the recovery and rehabilitation process.