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Riding With Passion for a Purpose

In this section I will attempt to keep track of the gear I am using and how well it is working out for me. I have a, what I have now, what I need and a what I want sections. I will be more specific with the the "extras" that I have added to the bike as time goes on. 

What I have now: (These are just a few of the items. I will add more as time goes by)

  1. Bicycle: 2014 Surly Disc Trucker.       (2011 Raleigh Talus 29er) DOA
  2. Blackburn Mountain Bike Rack.
  3. Speedplay Frog Chrome-Moly pedals.
  4. Handle bar bag
  5. t-clip mount
  6. light
  7. 4 standard aluminum water bottle cage.
  8. 2 Schwinn adjustable water bottle cage
  9. Polar water bottles
  10. Ortlieb Classic Panniers
  11. B.O.B. Ibex trailer
  12. Scott WIT Helmet
  13. Cyclewear Helmet Mirror (THE SINGLE ONE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM!!!!!)


Things I Need


Things I want