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Testing my Willpower

Scott BellComment

I must admit that overall this ride has been pretty easy. I'm able to push over hills, through the wind and some rain. It has been very hot, over 100 deg for more than a week, to temps down into the teens. Each of these are manageable. The real challenges start to happen when they start to pair up. Hills with wind, rain and cold are just a couple of the possible combinations that make it difficult to continue. God forbid that three or all four of them happen at once.

These last few days are proving to be one of those challenges. I have been contending with several of the possible combinations. Just yesterday I wimped out and stopped at just 15 miles. I chose to stay in a town here that has amenities as opposed to going further to areas without any places to stay or get food. (I didn't expect this but this part of CA is rather sparse with little services). As it turned out shortly after I stopped so did the rain. I could have continued on without as much of a challenge, but still having few choices on places to stay.

It did rain overnight so being inside was well worth it. I sit here battling with myself knowing that I should get out and keep going. The rain is forecast for everyday over the next week. I really can't afford the time or money to sit around the hotel room.

Well as I sit here writing this I'm working on the motivation get out and ride. This time of my ride is really messing with my ability to deal with my depression and anxiety. I think much of it is coming from knowing that I am almost finished with the ride and still totally don't know what I am going to do. Well keep checking back to find out what happens today and how I fair as I go out onto the road.