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It’s all the Girl Scouts Fault.

Scott BellComment

This trip has been theft free and I for one am very thankful for that. Although not for a lack of trying. At least at one camp ground a couple of weeks ago, I was shown to one of the best camp sites I have had. The view was absolutely amazing. I leaned the bike up and immediately walked about five yards away from the bike to watch the surf. I turned around and a squirrel had taken an interest in my stuff. I shewed it away and started to take my stuff out. Everything was wet from the prior night and I spread it all out to let it dry. Meanwhile the squirrel maintained its interest in my bike. I took my folding chair out and went the five yards to sit down and watch the ocean.

I turned around and the squirrel was on top of my pannier. I once again chased it away. After repeating this two more times I finally realized that the @#$! squirrel was eating through my bag to get to the Girl Scout cookies I had in the bag.

Not only did the squirrel eat a hole in my pannier bag but in his effort to get through the bag my jacket was in the way so he ate right through that as well. The only justice in this situation was that Rocky didn’t get any cookies. After finding out what he was up to I moved the bag and ate all the rest of the cookies.

In the end the little bugger caused me a couple of hundred dollars in damages. I bought a new jacket that was $125 and to replace the bags it will be up to $180 unless I can find more online cheaper. For now I have taped over the hole and hope the rain stays out. I think I can finish out the ride without having to replace the bag.

So if the Girl Scouts didn’t make such good cookies my stuff would still be intact and wouldn’t have needed to be replaced.

Ride On!