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Unceremonious unofficial end to the ride

Scott Bell1 Comment

Well it is kind of a downer unofficial end to the ride. After leaving Seaside on the way to my brother’s place I stopped in South Bend, WA. All was well until that night. Around 3 in the morning I woke with nausea and headed to the bathroom, where I ended up staying most of the morning. I was in absolutely no shape to ride. I called the hotel office to tell them that I had to stay another day.

After finding short bouts of sleep between trips to the bathroom I made it over to the office to extend my stay for another night. I also made the rather disappointing decision to call my brother and have him come and pick me up. As of this morning I feel so much better but still not in any kind of shape to get back on the bike. I could stay here another day and ride tomorrow but why sit around a hotel room when I have family so close? My brother may not think it is that close after an hour and half drive but I thought it was a better decision to have him come and get me.

I must say after reaching Seaside I had a huge feeling of mixed emotions. Both happy and satisfied that I was able to complete this rather epic ride. And sadness and disappointment with the fact that the ride was over and having fear of what comes next. I can’t tell you how good it felt to get back on the bike on Tuesday to ride to my brothers. Now to have to be rescued and picked up makes me feel depressed that I couldn’t finish the way I wanted to.