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More Obstacles and Coincidences

Scott BellComment

As you know from this morning’s post that I started out only to find my rear tire going flat. I originally thought I has something wrong with the front. The bike was swaying and I felt it the most in the handle bars. So I looked and couldn’t find anything. I got back on the bike and the next 20 yards reveled the back end was what was swaying. I looked down and saw that the tire was almost flat. I turned around and pulled into a gas station. It was misting so I asked if I could work in one of the bays but the attendant declined. Oh well. I went to the side and flipped the bike over. Changed the tube and went to put things back together.

This is where the coincidence happened. When I spun the wheel to check things I noticed that the brakes were rubbing. Upon further inspection I found that the return spring was all twisted. I pulled the brake pads and found that the pad was almost gone. The spring was folded over. I replaced the pads and adjusted them. I was back on the road.

Now what may be called a coincidence may be more than just coincidence. This is the second time now that my tire went flat for no apparent reason only for me to find another problem. Just over a week ago while riding especially uphill the bike was making awful noises. I stopped several times but couldn’t find out what it was. I thought the noise may be from all the rain and it was just the drive train getting dirty.

The next day the noise returned. I just kept riding. When the tire went flat later that day I couldn’t find anything in the tire. However, when I took the wheel off the bike I noticed that the skewer was a little loose. So thankfully I found it before anything bad happened. So between the loose skewer and the bad brakes I think God must be looking out for me.

Later today I got a second flat. This time on the trailer. No revilations on any other problems this time, just another flat tire. The one good thing is that the weather actually started to get a bit clearer. I was able to actually see my shadow! There is hope for the rest of the week for good weather. Although it is supposed to rain a good bit this weekend which is when I reach Seaside. Keep thinking dry thoughts for me.

Ride On!