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Arizona Break Time

Scott BellComment

I just spent the last week off the bike here in Arizona. I had a wonderful week with family and just taking it easy. I was able to help with a few projects around the house and meet some wonderful people. I really want to thank the people of the Skyline RV Resort in San Tan Valley AZ for a wonderful reception. My mother-in-law, Carol, had scheduled a nice little welcoming party for me on Sunday afternoon. I was really shocked at how many people came to hear about my bike ride. We didn’t count them but we estimated that 40 to 50 people came. It was great to be able to get up and talk to everyone about my ride.

I shared stories from things that had happened to me on the road. I talked about Ride 2 Recovery and the great work that they do. And I answered questions. All-in-all we collected $350 for Ride 2 Recovery! So once again I want to thank everyone who came out both from in the park and other friends of Carol’s from the Phoenix area. You all are so wonderful.

One equipment update…. I have now replaced my tire on my trailer. The tire on the trailer was the original tire and it lasted over 10,000 miles! So I shouldn’t have to worry about this tire since I only have about 2,000 miles to go to finish my trip. That is unless I keep on riding, somehow.

Take care and I will be back on the road tomorrow Feb 3rd. Look for more stories from the road.

Ride On!