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Pacific Ocean

Scott BellComment

Well I made it back to the Pacific Ocean! I am at the Navy RV park and marina Fiddlers Cove just south of Coronado. Right next to the beach where the SEALS train. The last few days have had a full mix of environments. From going through the desert and then the sand dunes in the desert to mountains and finally the ocean. 

My climb coming out of Ocotillo, CA was pretty big. Although in the grand scheme of things the altitude was not all that high but going over 4000 feet from near sea level is still a challenge. My RunKeeper app that tracks my rides said that my overall elevation gain for the day was just over  7000 feet.

The ride through the mountains from the Yuha desert to San Diego also put at a stones through away from Mexico. As you can see I the picture we already have walls up between us in many of the places that I have seen the boarder on my trip.

Now the really nice part of that it was really nice coming down the next day. Still had to do some climbing in the foothills coming into the San Diego area but I would say it was still a pretty easy 59 miles today.

The only downer was on one of my descents I was going somewhere between 30-35 mph and something big and black hit my face and stung me. So now my check is all swollen. It looks like I've just come back from the dentist.