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Oh What a Feeling

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Well the new “day one” is over. I was going to stop earlier in the day but couldn't find a place to camp, so I kept riding. Still not finding anyplace to camp I booked a room in Brenham, TX. By doing this it forced me to go 60 miles for the day and although I was a bit tired and sore from not being on the bike for a few weeks it was great! The start of the day was good with the company I had from my Nephew-in-law, Dennis. He guided me through The Woodlands, TX and got me on my way. From there I continued west. Running into some construction along the way; however, the day was light on traffic and generally great roads. I even had a bit of a tail wind most of the day.

That tailwind did give away to a partial head wind at the end of the day making the last tired miles just a tiny bit harder. All-in-all the day was rewarding and upon waking up this morning I was glad I got the room. The roads are wet and it rained throughout the night. It is still threatening with rain right now with the radar picture not looking good for the next hour or so. So I think today will be a late start. It is a rough morning when you only have one day back on the bike and already being derailed from getting back on. I think I might go by Walmart and use my Christmas gift card and pick up some rain gear. I can’t keep skipping rainy days if I want to ever finish this trip.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may you find the courage to follow your dreams this year. I know starting the year out on the road, riding, was not something I ever thought would really happen. I know there will be more struggles to come and an uncertain future but I wouldn’t give this up for anything.

Ride On!