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State 19! DE

Scott Bell1 Comment

After a great day yesterday..... I had the pleasure to ride with Claudia and Ed from the Horsham ANG base. I guess you could call it cheating but Claudia's husband sagged my gear for me for the day. Wow it was great to ride the bike naked. All I had was the handle bar bag. It was the easiest 75 miles I've done yet. 

Oh and just before I met up with them yesterday I hit the 5000 mark. Sorry I didn't post that yesterday but I was distracted with meeting them and having fun riding without a load. Plus there was no internet at the hotel and my phone was near the data limit. So you get all the updates at once. 

..... I have made it to state 19, Delaware!  I have about 58 more miles to go to Hollies house so I'm not sure I can make it today. So tomorrow should be a rather short day.