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Riding With Passion for a Purpose


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Perspective is effected by everything that you do and see. Much like a movie that has an unexpected twist at the end can never be watched with the same surprise and shock of the first viewing. Life is much the same way. Once time has passed there is nothing you can do to change what just happened. You can only keep moving though time and your only option is to choose to repeat the same behavior over and over or choose to change yourself. I know I spend way too much time caught up on what I haven’t done and how to correct it, I miss moving forward. This trip is teaching me to let go and move forward. Each day on the bike takes me farther around the country and closer to reaching my goal. If I stayed in one place looking back at any mishaps that may have happened along the way, I will never make it back to Oregon and beyond. I am slowly learning to apply that to other aspects of who I am.

I have now had a week off at my sister’s house and I am rejuvenated and back on the bike. I had the opportunity to have the bicycle overhauled. New chain, cassette, rim tape, and tires. I have also had a chance to go through my gear and either get it cleaned, fixed or replaced.

I have now been back on the bike for a week now and it has been great. As I sit here tonight getting this post finished up am I also preparing to say goodbye to my most recent riding companion. Yes I’ve been riding with someone again. Believe it or not it is another Jen. Yes another Jen. So to help you keep track I have two Jen’s from before the ride. Jen B. and Jen A. And since I’ve been on the ride I have two Jen’s, Jen P. and most recently Jen D. This is not a joke, it is real, but I understand how unbelievable the whole Jen thing is.

Jen D. shares a remarkably similar story as myself as well. We are both prior military. Air Force for me and Army for her. We have both sold our houses and most of what we had and quit our jobs. So we are both looking for the next thing our lives.

The other coincidence is that her bicycle also fell off the back of her car and she had to get a new bike. It so happens that she has the exact same bike as I do. Hers is a smaller one with 26 inch tires instead of 700c tires, but the bikes are the same color and she also has the same pannier bags.

Jen D. is traveling from Bar Harbor, ME to Key West, FL. We are both following the Adventure Cycling Association Atlantic Coast route. She will be heading off route tomorrow so our time together has come to end. Who knows maybe somewhere down the road we will run into each other again.

As we went through Richmond today we had a chance to ride on the race course and walk around the fan area. Didn’t really stick around long enough to watch the race itself. We did see a bunch of racers who were, I assume, riding north for a warm up before the time trials. Check out the gallery for some of the pictures I took of what little I did get to see.

From here, I plan on heading out to the outer banks but I am a bit concerned that I am going to get wet more than I have on any part of the trip so far. The forecast is for rain most of the week so we shall see how far I get. I may end up just hiding out for a few days if it gets too bad. Stay tuned for updates on that.