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Sleepless Night

Scott BellComment

As I sit here at 3 A.M. I am both excited and troubled. I have been having such a great ride so far. I have seen so many wonderful parts of the country and even better met so many wonderful people along the way. I have had times of depression and times of encouragement. I love so much hearing back from you on my posts. It really does help keep me going knowing that others are out there following my adventure and taking away their own encouragement. Please keep it up!

I want to say that I have had people who’ve I stopped to talk to hand me cash for Ride 2 Recovery (R2R). I then go online and use my own credit card to enter the amount that they gave me. It makes little difference like the Vietnam vet who handed me One dollar to an oil field worker who handed me One Hundred dollars. I still feel just as humbled every time. I am even more humbled by those who have given me money to use for food, camping or hotels. You will get a special thank-you.

Now to the eleven of you who have donated, to R2R, online I planned on sending out individual thank-yous (yes “yous” is proper) when I took my break at my sister’s house. But until then I want to thank you again and the eleven of you can stop reading now.

As for the rest of you I am making a plea. I now have over 200 followers on Facebook and my website. Thank-you and I hope to keep the blog and picture posts coming so that you too can enjoy this remarkable adventure with me. That is where I am a bit troubled. From my fellow co-workers, friends and family I had expected more of you to donate. I am sure many of you plan to donate later, right?

This is why I am up at 3 A.M. I now have a chance to ride the R2R Army vs Navy Challenge ride. (https://ride2recovery.com/event.php?ID=710) This ride is expected to be one the highest profile rides since they had the 9/11 ride. This ride begins Saturday, September 26th at Hasbrouck Heights, NJ and finishing on Saturday, October 3rd at the Air Force vs Navy football game in Annapolis, MD. Go Air Force!

The requirement to participate in the ride is that the rider (that would be me) has collected over $3000. Thus far I have only collected just over $1000. I had really hoped that I would have been able to get more media coverage and thus my donations would be higher but that has not happened. So my call to you now is to please get online and donate to Ride 2 Recovery under my name so that I can ride with the group. Do it right now while you are on your computer or phone and thinking about this and help me be a part of this great ride!


This is how you donate.

1.       Goto https://ride2recovery.com/donate.php

2.       Click on “Donation to Specific Rider –or- Company”

3.       Then enter my first name “Scott” and last name “Bell” then click search.

4.       Click on “Pick Rider” by my name (Only two results show up so you should be able to figure it out)

5.       Then fill out the form with your donation amount and your info.

All your info is secure and you will get an email receipt with your tax deductible amount to file with your taxes.




I know I can count on you to help me reach the $3000 goal for this ride and you can say you are a part of making my adventure of riding around the US purposeful and that you have helped our healing heroes.