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4K Yesterday!

Scott BellComment

As I sit in my room at 9 am getting ready to go. I look back at the last 4,000 miles. In many ways I still can't believe that this is actually happening. I've had many ups and downs on this trip and I just don't mean the roads. One day, like yesterday, I have a great day and can go 70+ miles with what seems like no effort and then wake up like today to not feeling like riding. I struggle with the down time. I need to learn to take the dedication I have of being on the bike and apply it to the down time. I know things like posting pictures and these blog posts are nearly as important as making progress on the bike. I know I've said it before but I need to keep working on my web site efforts.

Part of the problem on the bike is that I am becoming more focused on the destination for each day and I fear that I am missing experiencing some of the sites and people along the way. I think after I take my break at my sisters house I will be backing off the progress and focusing more on the experience.

So for now I should be seeing the Atlantic coast in the next week!!!