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Hey Everyone

Scott BellComment

Been having a great time out through Indian and Ohio. Got to stay with a friend Sue in Oberlin and also got to see Bobby. Good times with friends and a well deserved day of at Sue's house. The first night Sue had a steak ready and later Bobby brought over some cheese and crackers that we snacked on while we talked. 

The next day Sue and I went to Moose Head restaurant. Wow the ribs were some of the best I've ever had. If you ever get to this part of Ohio check them out.

On Sunday I left and had a beautiful ride along the Ohio Inland Trail. This part of the trail was paved and much nicer to ride on than the packed gravel parts I road getting to Oberlin. In Elyria the trail ends and I picked up the Black River Trail. Wow it was sure pretty and such a great ride. 


Just outside of Cleveland another west to east cross country rider caught up with me. John is his name and he too is going from Oregon to Maine. We have been riding together for the past two days.  We have been making good time and really enjoying the views along the lake. 




Today (Monday the 10th) as we road from Mentor we stopped in Conneaut and had lunch at Angela's Cafe. Good food and even better service. She is a veteran friendly restaurant and if you stop by in the future you may even see my basic training picture on the wall. 




Once we left there we had found a hotel to stay in for the night since it was forecast to rain. And rain it did. This is the first rain on the whole trip that I have actual had to ride in and actually got wet from. The picture really doesn't show how wet I was but at least it kind of stopped during our boarder crossing. 

Now that I have entered Pennsylvania it is my 11th state! Should be in New York tomorrow! In  a couple of days I will actually be in Canada for about 25 miles and will be viewing Niagra Falls.