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Blood Donations

Scott BellComment

Giving blood is a noble cause and helps people in need. Luckily after Jens little accident all she had is a few scrapes, bumps and bruises. No need for blood. For me on the other hand I think I donated a pint of blood. The mosquitoes in this part of the country are the worst I’ve ever seen. All the way from Ft. Benton through Havre, Harlem, Dodson and Malta they are relentless. When we first encountered them they were disorganized but still efficient. I lost about a pint of blood.

As we progressed on past Havre they started to get a plan put together. We were fighting a good fight but were still steadily on the losing end. The winds were in our faces and I think it was helping to keep them at bay. It made the riding a bit harder but we were willing to deal with the winds if it meant keep our enemy away.

In Harlem we decided to arm ourselves with some Deep Woods Off. The locals say that is the only thing that even comes close to working around here. The regular Off in the orange can is no good. You need the green can of Deep Woods. The problem was finding some. It seems they pretty much sell out soon after they are stocked.

Once we tracked down our supplies we doused ourselves in Off and maid our way down the road. Feeling good about ourselves we found that the organization of the mosquitoes is far better than we expected. The Off only slowed them down but it didn’t stop them.

The next morning we set off again and continued to ride east. As we approached Saco MT the word had spread and the mosquitoes were waiting. We figured as long as we were moving we would be safe. Wrong! They became even more organized and were on the attack even as we were riding. We took refuge in a café and the locals sympathized with our plight.

We were later told that even government people who came to Saco to study the mosquitoes left after only two days and said that they had never seen anything that bad in all the time that they have been doing studies.

I am now past that monstrous part of the country and the enemy is losing strength but I am dealing with the constant reminder that my body is covered in those nasty little bumps that itch so bad. I will forever remember Saco, MT. and the blood that I have lost.