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This is Really Happening!

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After a short delay waiting for a small rain shower to move through I gathered my things. Once I was ready my brother and I head out to the beach so that I could start my ride with my rear tire being dipped in the Pacific ocean. With the short photo shoot over I headed back off the beach and loaded the bags on the bike and hooked up the trailer. 

Off I went through the small town of Seaside, OR. Getting the feel for a new bike loaded down was not the way I wanted to start the ride. I had the load and the feel worked out on my other bike but you do what you have too. 

The day was pretty uneventful. The weather held and I only had to buck headwinds that weren't too strong. The hills along the way were definitely there to tell me that I am not in as good as shape as I had hoped and that I was loaded down. 

Sweat and determination carried me along. After only a couple of small wrong turns I found myself riding along the Astoria River walk. Wow, what a view. It was a very peaceful ride and I enjoyed seeing the trolleys.

Later in the afternoon hitting the 30 mile mark I started looking for a place to stop for the night. I found one place that might have worked but wasn't so sure about it since it was behind a gate. So I pressed on. Down route 30 I found myself climbing a hill coming out of Svensen, OR. I pulled over on a little field and found a spot to set up camp. I was worried because I know that this too was someones property but I was just done and had to stop. 

As I stopped I decided to go ahead and make dinner and then would decide if I was going to stay. After dinner I was pulling up the blog to post this and a very nice gentleman stopped. He was the owner of the property and wanted to see what was going on. I have to give a very BIG thank you to Antti for his understanding and letting me stay. I can now go to sleep without worry. 

Good night everyone and as the journey continues I can only hope to meet more people like Antti. 

Ride On!