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A New Bicycle

Scott BellComment

Today I got a new bike.  After yesterday’s disaster with my Raleigh bicycle trying to commit suicide I arrived in Portland. My first stop was REI. They had the skewer I needed to the B.O.B. trailer. After taking inventory of the visible broken parts I went inside to price out what I needed. In short the total was at least $350 but more likely close to $500. So with that in mind I took a look at what they had to offer for bicycles. Now armed with a better understanding of my circumstances I went over to a bike shop that was recommended to me from someone at Bingham Cyclery in Layton Utah. I go to River City Bicycles main store. Here I took my bicycle in and had a couple of the maintenance guys give me there opinion of what I was dealing with. Like I guessed they too said it would be risky to ride 10K miles. So that brought me to talk with Sage about new bike options. After some discussion I ended up going over the River City Outlet store. Just a couple of blocks away I found the store inviting and Jeff there waiting to help me out. He was enthusiastic about my trip and sympathetic with my plight of the attempted suicide. So over several discussions about the options I had, I decided on the Surly Disk Trucker.

With a bicycle chosen the next obstacle was getting what was usable off my Raleigh and picking replacement items for what wasn’t salvageable. Jeff and the rest of the guys at the shop were far more accommodating that I had hoped. They let me use the stand in the front of the counter, usually reserved for customers bringing in bikes need a quick look at, to work on my bike. After a few hours passed the new bike was now equipped and ready to ride.

Leading to the close of the evening I had a very generous offer from a friend I met in Afghanistan to house my injured bike for the year. I figured when I have time and a place to work on it I could get it well again and turn it back into a full-fledged mountain bike. So I want to give a big shout out to Michael Barnhart for letting me store my “old” bike while I am on the trip.

The end of the day came with my brother calling to let me know he was looking for a hotel. It turns out he was only a few miles up the road from Mike’s house. So I booked a room for the two of us. We can spend my last couple of days together.