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Rough Start

Scott BellComment

First of all I need to remember to post things here about my ride instead of my personal Facebook page. 

This morning started around 4am when I hit the road from Golden CO. I only drove from home to Golden to get on the west side of town so I didn't have to deal with traffic in the morning. 

This were going really well. Free drink when I filled up the rental car and I was off. Roads are in good shape and no traffic! I was making good time and as usual I started getting tired about an hour and a half into the drive. I pulled over and took a nap. Back on the road and again making steady progress. Then my bike disappeared off the back of the car. Going down the highway the bicycle tried to keep up as it slid down the asphalt. To no avail it came to a halt with bits and pieces bouncing like children skipping down the sidewalk. 

As I came to a screeching stop I feel lucky that no one was behind me for two reasons, one that it didn't cause an accident and no one ran over the bike. I collected all the escaping pieces that I could find and the rest are now free to roam the highway. Now that I have a moment to sit eat and take a look at the bike I feel that it might be a total loss. Not sure. But the parts alone I suspect will be at least half of what a new bike will cost and since I can't do the work myself (unless a shop will let me) the labor might be the catalyst to just go ahead and buy a new bike.  

I'll let you all know what happens in the days to come.