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One month away from the start of my ride. It seems almost unreal. Most of the fears I wrote about three months ago are fading into reality. I have listed my house and I accepted the perfect offer the first weekend. It is an investor who is willing to take on the house and I suspect will be doing his own remodel on the house. I have been slowly going through all of the “stuff” in the house. It really is amazing when you put your mind to it, of how much stuff you can actually let go. I may not be fully successful at getting rid of everything but I do know that the storage unit will not be nearly as full as I thought it would be.

Also since my last writing I have had a chance to go on a practice camping trip. With a couple of friends from work, I did a three day two night trip. As I was the only one with a loaded down bike the others had to take it easy and ride with me. They all had someone bring their camping gear to the site. I on the other hand wanted to carry all the gear I “thought” I would be using on the trip. By doing this I now realize that I need to lighten my load a bit. I have a couple of luxury items that I am in great debate about. One is a small cot that gets me off the ground by about 6 inches. I really like the idea of being off the ground. I have done my fair share of backpacking and know that even with a sleep mat that sleeping on the ground is always a gamble.

The other luxury item, is a folding compact chair. I figured if I was relaxing around camp after a long ride or on an off day that I didn’t want to rely on sitting on the picnic bench or the ground. I know that no one would use these on a regular backpacking trip but if I am spending nearly a year in the tent that it might be worth it. With both of these items I also figured that the more comfortable I can make the camping experience the less likely it would be that I would turn to hotel rooms. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Lastly I am posting a pic of my overall route. I would like to invite anyone who is close to the route to come out and ride with me. You can ride for the day or for as long as you would like. Also if you are reasonably close to the route and want put me up for a night them please contact me via email with your address and I can see if I can work it into the route. I would love to be able to visit can catch up with friends along the way. The route you see is not 100% accurate as you see it. I already have some variations planned. For instance it does not go through Delaware and I need to hit every boarder state. I also have plans to be visiting and staying with both of my sisters, one in MD and the other in FL. I plan to keep the route flexible as to not limit me.