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End of the Year

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I want to thank once again Mr. Stephen Keller from Shimano and Handlebar Cyclery for the support in overhauling my bike. My cost were cut in half thanks to the free parts from Shimano and the discounted labor from Handlebar. Without their generous help I would have spent a ton more on getting everything replaced and ready to continue on with my ride.

As I sit here getting ready to sleep I am feeling a bit apprehensive. Not as much as I did when I started this ride but some nonetheless. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and I will be getting back on the bike and heading west once again. It almost seems like it is a whole new ride. The nearly 20 days that I have been off the bike seems like I never actually was riding now. I know deep down that it will all come back to me, how does the phrase go? It is like riding a bike, you never forget.

I had a terrific time being back at my sister’s house in Maryland. We had her whole family there on Christmas and although it was a bit chaotic with all the kids there I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. I am glad I was able to afford the time to go back and recharge myself a bit and enjoy Christmas with family. After all to me, family is the most important thing. That being said I want to give a special thank you to my boys Aaron and Joshua for being so understanding with me going to my sister’s house instead of going back to Colorado. Boys I love you, you are the greatest!!!

I also wanted to give you a few statistics so far for the ride (as of 30 Dec 2015) (I'm not sure how well this will look on a phone so the columns / numbers might not line up correctly.)

                           Riding                 Local                                              

Total Miles         8647.62              112.40 = 8760.02                                      

Average Miles    59.23                  5.92                                               

Average with breaks = 40.98                                                             

# of break days = 65       # of Days Riding = 146    Total days = 211    69.19% <<<<Time Riding

Let me explain this a little bit. Riding miles are days that I left one place and rode to another place. Local miles are when I rode from one place back to the same point. Average miles is calculated only for days that I rode from one place to another (146 days). Vs. If I take the total amount of days (211, to include break days) to get the average with breaks.

                                       Days      Percentage for each type.

Free / Stelth / Gorilla        9           4.27%
Paid Campground            42        19.91%
Hotel / Motel / B&B          108      51.18%
WarmShowers                  8          3.79%
Family / Friends               44        20.85%
 Total Days>>>>>>>>>>>>       211


Flat Tires 13 (This includes on the bicycle and the trailer.)