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Texas State 28!

Scott BellComment

I would have posted this right after taking the pictures but Texas is now in the running to out perform Montana on having the worst mosquitoes. I snapped just a couple of shots and had to beat it out of there before I lost more blood and passed out.

Yes I am now in Texas. A mile or two into the state I stopped at Three Flags Café. Nice little place. I walked in and sat down at the counter. I was immediately immersed in a full fledged Texas dinner. The men had on the hats and boots. As I ate breakfast I listened to the banter between the guys and Jessica the waitress. It was quite entertaining. Jessica walked over and whispered how cliché it was that now that I am in Texas I find a group of men talking about their hats and boots. I did find it rather funny that no more than two miles into the state I was already regaled with this entertaining banter. We all chatted with each other and they wished me luck and safe travels as I head out.

Later as I was riding down the road I see a group of three on the side of the road. I could see that they had bikes and as I got closer it turned out that it was the same three that were a day ahead of me in the log book. Let me explain. I had stopped Thursday night in Maryville LA and stayed at the little museum. They host bicyclists and have a nice place for us to stay. They let us cyclist either set up a tent or they have a little cabin. They also have a bathroom with a couple of showers and toilets. They don't charge but do as for a donation if you can afford it. I love these little gems that are hidden in our small towns. Thanks Maryville!

So back to the three on the side of the road. As I was in the cabin they have a log book and I noticed the entry from the night before. It was neat to see all the different stories and other peoples experiences on the road. I hadn't figured that I would run into them let alone the next day. They are traveling with two dogs in trailers and their pace is a bit slower and shorter than mine that is why I caught up to them so quickly. They are nice group of young people who are spending a year on the road. I need to take some notes from them on being a bit more frugal.