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Riding With Passion for a Purpose

Nervous Beginnings

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It is now 7 months out from the planned start of the ride. I’ve been talking to and telling people about the ride for at least 7 months now. At first it was just the idea of riding across the United States. I started to realize that I was getting a lot of attention and interest in the idea of riding across the US. Most of the comments were on the line of “are you crazy”. Maybe I was. I don’t think I believed that I could do or would do the ride myself. After all it would mean quitting my job and leaving my home and family behind. Not that leaving is an unknown concept since I have been TDY (Temporary Duty) numerous times, on an unaccompanied year in Korea and deployed for a year at a time in the past. How would I pay for the trip? As I found myself convincing other people that the trip was possible I was not only convincing them but I find that I was convincing myself. 

I have now gone from not believing that it is even possible, to ride around the US, to knowing that it is possible. Now that doesn’t mean that I am not still scared to death to take on this ride. I know, today, that it will be a challenge and in no way will be easy. Will that knowledge change, I expect it will. I have read that a ride like this is about 20% physical and 80% mental. I believe that is true. I know that with the support of you, my followers, my friends, that I can and will find the mental fortitude to press on when the going gets tough and to persevere. 

I have also in the past spent so much time “thinking” about or planning a project that it never actually gets done. That is where faith that whatever I need, be it moral support or funds to pay for the ride, will be there and I will complete the ride. 

As the adventure unfolds only the future knows what is to come. I know that I have control in how that story plays out and am determined to see it to the end. I invite you to please join me in the months to come and share with me in the writing of this story.

Ride On!