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Riding With Passion for a Purpose


How many of us have thoughts and dreams of things that we want to accomplish, and how many of us go one more step and actually think about what it would take to reach that dream?  Dare I say the closest many of us get is the dream. Few actually think about how to reach that dream and even fewer still take those hardest steps of all by daring to leave what we know behind and pursue that dream.  I have lived a wonderful life so far. I had a wonderful marriage and two great children. 

Turning 50 this year (2014), I suspect like many, have been thinking about whom I am and what I want to do with the rest of my life. The start of the bucket list might be an inevitable task whether we want to or not. Whether or not we want to call it a bucket list or not I believe that we all have fantasies of things we want to do, or places to go.

During my time in the Air Force I was stationed at Hill AFB, UT where I met my future wife. She came from a cycling family. Her parents, John and Carol introduced me to cycling. I was hooked. I bought an affordable road bike and as they say, the rest is history. As I grew to love cycling I thought, once or twice, that it would be fun to ride across the US. Riding across the US is a task that John and Carol later accomplished themselves when they turned 50. I realized that life doesn’t have to end at 50. Now that I am retired from the Air Force and turning 50 myself, it is time for me to leave and realize my dream of riding across the US.

During both my time in the Air Force and as a civilian contractor I have been deployed. I have had been fortunate to have had safe deployments and have come home safe. Others have not been so lucky. I personally have no idea what it is like to be a wounded veteran. The people at Ride 2 Recovery (R2R) do know.

As I’ve talked about the ride I found that people were amazed about the possible accomplishment. I also realized that I could easily combine two items on my bucket list. Using the attention that I am getting for the ride I can use that to help do something meaningful for my fellow veterans.

Ride 2 Recovery’s mission is “To improve the health and wellness of healing heroes worldwide by providing a life changing experience that can impact their lives forever.” I don’t have the financial wealth to be able to support these wounded heroes but I do have a wealth of time. I changed my plans from riding across the US to around the perimeter of the US. I want to hit every boarder state. While doing this my goal is to raise $250,000 or more.

Now that you have taken a moment to learn a little about me please take a moment longer to go over to the Ride 2 Recovery site and donate. You can sponsor me directly by visiting https://ride2recovery.com/donate.php. On that page enter my name, Scott Bell, and the tax deductible amount you wish to contribute. By sponsoring me on the site R2R gets 100% of the donation and none of the money comes back to me.